Control Panel Building

At DC Electric, we take pride in our work. Because we do all we can to do the job right, we have received certifications and recognition for our work. We are a recognized Rockwell System Integrator and Panduit Partners.

We utilize CAD drawing to design your cabinet and come up with the best and most efficient use of the available space.  We use quality components like Allen-Bradley, Phoenix Contact, and Panduit to ensure a long lasting package for whatever you are controlling.  We will also take into consideration any components that you specify for us to use. 

We recognize the importance of having good quality, correct, schematics that can be used for installing and troubleshooting equipment.  We make sure every component and wire in our cabinets has a label and wire number that goes with the schematics that we design.

Additionally, look for the following certifications on your control panel:
UL 508a: This signifies to you and to an inspector that our control panels comply with all safety standards.
UL NNNY: This signifies all of our control panels are hazardous location explosion proof.